Fund the Gap

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Opportunities have long been available to people with the right connections. (Read this great article) But what if you are near the end of your high school career and looking toward your future but you do not have the necessary financial resources?

At Path To Shine® we work with deserving elementary school children with personalized mentoring to support them academically, to develop their social emotional skills, and to give them extracurricular opportunities that they might not otherwise experience. When the students leave our program at the end of the 5th grade we encourage them to keep in touch with us throughout their middle school and high school years, and we strive to maintain connections with them.  We believe we have helped put them on a path for potential success and we want to see them continue in that direction.

To further support this positive direction we have instituted a program for those children who were part of our program for two or more of their elementary school years, and who in their later high school years need financial assistance with such things as SAT/ACT preparation, post-secondary textbooks/lab fees, and application fees for post-secondary education (colleges, technical schools, industry certification programs).  To be considered for such assistance the children must have made efforts to keep in touch with us and they must submit an application.

We are calling this program “Fund The Gap,” and we hope you will consider making a specific donation here, so that we can provide access to more resources for more children to get closer to their hope-filled dreams.

Please join us in celebrating and supporting our Alumni!

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2020 was a milestone for Path To Shine® we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary of ministry and work in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and we got to see our first high school graduate. That’s right! One of our kids from the early years met his goal of getting his high school diploma!

Eloy came to our organization when he was in 4th grade. He accredits Path To Shine® with helping build his confidence. He is a student at Kennesaw State University. We are very proud of Eloy and what he has achieved.

Eloy with his Mentors, Christie, Jim, Nadine, Lesley-Ann (L-R)