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Where children shine

Many of our programs meet in church halls but one started out in a library, and another meets in a community center. Wherever the program meets the children want to know that they are in a safe place, that they are working with adults whom they can trust, and who will support and encourage them when school gets hard. For this reason every volunteer is required to go through two separate training sessions.

Don’t see a program near you? Want to help but you’re not a member of an Episcopal church? No worries! We love collaboration, and we are thrilled to be working with people from other traditions – Baptist, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, non-denominational, – as well as a healthy contingent of Episcopalians, and some people who have no faith tradition. Path To Shine is not a religious program – it just happens to find safe places and volunteers at churches. So if you want to start a program, we can show you how.

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