Path To Shine®, Inc. is a mentoring and tutoring program for elementary school children in North and Middle Georgia. Our purpose is to provide academic and social support to encourage children to thrive in school and build self-confidence to achieve their dreams. PTS’s success stems from our principles to maintain a ratio of no more than one Mentor to two students, to have a flexible structure that adapts to each local community, and to consistently seek collaboration with other organizations.

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity to watch the 2021 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Atlanta Braves take on the NY Mets at this PTS-exclusive rate! The best part is that all proceeds go directly to Path To Shine. Your support helps us not only sustain our 16+ programs across the state; it also helps us impact the lives of even more children as we work to open more programs.

Together we will pave the way for more childhood success stories!

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Path To Shine, Inc.
2160 Cooper Lake Rd.
Smyrna, GA 30080
Tel: (404) 987-0883‬

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